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I showed "Raising Matty Christian" to my high school students in the hope of sharing Matty's inspiring tale of overcoming hardship and being "different." My students were immediately drawn in by the dramatic opening, capturing their often-difficult to obtain attention. They closely watched and heard Matty's story, laughing at the intertwined jokes and quietly taking in the serious moments. After the movie, the students were quiet and reflective, clearly touched by the story and inspired by Matty's resilience. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to share this documentary with my students, who I know continue to benefit from it. "Raising Matty Christian" is not just a movie, but a way for Matty to continue to reach out and help his community."


- Margaret Overlan 

  Compass School, Dorchester, MA

"Not only is this documentary a perfect way to teach students to be more tolerant of individuals who may look or act differently than “the norm,” but it also inspired and motivated my students to never back down from a challenge, and that if there is a will, there truly is a way. As teachers our hope is that our students will take what they learn in a classroom and apply it to the outside world. The lessons my students took away from Matt Christian is something they will never forget."

- Emily Rooney

  Teacher, Central Middle School, Quincy, MA

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